Staying creative and finding the right inspirations is a long-term job! To help you with that, we asked Camille, our Creative Lead, to tell us 5 Instagram accounts she follows to stay inspired! Ready ? 3, 2, 1, go:

Let’s start with Studio MUE. Mixing minimalist compositions with a smooth ambience, the colors soothe and reassure you!

Roman Bratschi’s content is a delight for the eyes!

“The work he does on colors, textures and shapes: I love it all! In addition to that, he adds a small dose of humor which is so good ahah” shared Camille.

Like Roman Bratschi, Tomas Villa perfectly combines his illustrations with colors and adds a wonderful personal touch to it.

Our Creative Lead is not only inspired by “famous” accounts:

“Mi et Jingfeng, from Matters of Seeing, inspire me so much with their work on objects and space.”

The quote “A place for everything, everything in its place” perfectly fits this Instagram account! :)

Here’s the cream of the crop. The icing on the cake. The cherry on top!

“I love everything on Maxim Zhestkov ‘s account! It’s hypnotizing, powerful and its colors (yes, again!) are so well mastered. This account is a perfect mix between Art and Technology. If you’re curious, you should check out their VR section!” said Camille!

So, feeling inspired? :) 

We’re going to go play with Paint now (no judgment haha)

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