Imagine islands forming in the middle of every major ocean on Earth. Sounds nice, right? Sadly, these islands are composed entirely of trash, specifically single-use items such as plastic water bottles…

Drowning in Plastic

Since it’s popularization in the 1950s, we’ve become so dependent on plastic and its many cheap and convenient uses, that we’re now literally drowning in it. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of five trash ‘islands’ which spawned from our adoption of ‘disposable’ lifestyles and positive attitudes towards mass plastic consumption. The island is 2x the size of Texas or 3x the the size of France and it’s composed of 1.8 trillion individual pieces of plastic.

Every year, we produce roughly the weight of the entire human population in plastic (200 million tons). To make matters worse, 91% of it has never been recycled. Instead, it fills our natural environments, landfills and waterways. And seeing how it takes hundreds of years to decompose a single piece, plastic pollution isn’t going anywhere fast.

Where is all this Plastic Pollution coming from?

It’s coming from consumers like you and me. These days, around 40-50% of all plastic items are designed for single-use. In the U.S. alone, around 100.7 billion plastic bottles are sold each year, roughly 315 per person. Plastic bottles make up a whopping 14% of all visible trash. As litter, they’re more common than food wrappers, take-away containers and cigarettes. 

So, why are we so addicted to them? Well, they’re convenient. But at what cost? Due to dangerous chemical leakage and bacteria growth, you can’t reuse them. They require 6x more water to produce than to fill. And yet, every minute 1 million plastic bottles are sold globally, creating an unsustainable environmental crisis. The solution? A new generation of eco-friendly Smart Bottles like LIZ.

It’s up to you to Change

It may feel like you have no control over where the planet is headed. In reality, the power to curb pollution rests with consumers. It’s your choice to support eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives to plastic. Investing in a LIZ Smart Bottle is a better choice for both you and the planet.Together, let’s eliminate single-use plastic bottle pollution and reduce waste by choosing to reuse with LIZ!

Switch to Sustainability  

Unlike plastic bottles that end up in the landfill (or worse) after one day, LIZ guarantees long-term usage and satisfaction due to its durable design. LIZ is made from long-lasting, eco-friendly materials. It has a 316 Surgical Grade stainless steel core and a BPA-free, Tritan plastic smart lid, because chemicals don’t belong in your water nor bottle.

LIZ has been awarded the latest environmentally-friendly certifications. As a heavy-metal free product made from durable and sustainable materials, LIZ is in accordance with the E.U.’s RoHS certification. LIZ was also granted the E.U.’s CE and the U.S.’s FCC certification, ensuring that it meets the highest standards for health, safety and environmental protection.

With LIZ, you can choose to be the

positive change you want to see in the world!

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