During this period of self-quarantine there are those who binge-watch all the series available on their small screens and those who are working from home. The temptation to sit in front of Netflix all day is ​​strong, so here are some tips on how to stay focused in your home office.

In order to fight COVID19 (also known as Corona Virus), the government established a quarantine and self-isolation program for the population (tell that to the spring breakers…). It was at this moment that our big boss told us by mail: “Guys, we are switching to home office mode”.

At this moment, we were like:

“Transport problems: No more!

Bad hair days’ problems: No more!

Outfits problems: No more! (Pajamas all day baby!) »

But we had forgotten the situation where the boy/girlfriend doesn’t work and comes to tickle you every 10 minutes, the looooooong coffee breaks every hour and the temptation to turn on social networks / TV.

To help you guys we shared our experiences by giving you 6 tips on how to stay efficient and focused while working at home. Let’s go!

1. Communication is Key

Use tools like Slack or like us, Wechat! One of the most important things to stay connected with work is co-mmu-ni-ca-tion!

The lovely “Hello!” in the morning can turn into a “Hello! :)” through direct message. Do not change your work habits, so keep your team aware of your progress and constantly check-in with them. You can also try having a short coffee break on Zoom with your friends.

Extra tip: In order to have a better view on our TODO list: we use TRELLO . We have a column for “Projects in progress”, and a column for each team member, that way everyone can see what’s happening. We’ve been doing this for a year now and everything is working well!

2. Find Your Perfect Work Space

We are telling you, the bed isn’t the best place to stay efficient during your home office period.

“You wake up in your bed, you work in your bed, you end up eating in your bed … In fact, you do not move from this place and what was a cozy and comfy place changes to become your office. Clearly, this can’t happen! Now, I work in my living room. I have my headphones on to keep myself from any distractions, and things are way more efficient” says Arnaud.

3. If You’re Not Living Alone : Communication is Key (part2)

Let those around you understand that despite all the love you have for them, there are some people that need to work! Here are some rules you can put in place with those at home with you:

  • unless the house is burning down, E.T’s homies land on Earth, or Godzilla is destroying Paris, I am not available.
  • if we don’t eat together, it’s not the end of the world: it’s one less mess to manage if you understand
  • and no: I don’t want to join you in your Tik Tok video for the umpteenth time!

4. Work in Sessions

Choose the “Pomodoro” technique. The concept is simple: alternate 25-minute work sessions with 5-minute breaks (we did 1h – 20min).

Taking breaks are super important! Do not neglect them and we promise you’ll have a clear and more productive spirit in the long term!

5. What TO DO

To avoid having your head in the clouds and not knowing what to do: plan your days. We mentioned earlier that we use Trello. This platform allows us to schedule tasks as well constantly monitor our projects. In each task card, you can create a to-do list, and tick off finished tasks as you go! (easy peasy lemon squeezy)

6. Feeling good in your body helps to feel good in your head

Your mental focus can be heavily affected by your lifestyle. Good hydration, good nutrition and staying active can help you stay efficient while being stuck at home.

“With the help of LIZ’s Hydration Reminder telling me to drink every two hours and a HIIT session during my lunch break, I immediately feel more prepared to tackle the day ahead of me.” shared Camille.

Now you have all the tools to stay focused while working at home! Don’t forget to check out our other articles HERE !