During this COVID-19 situation : our team (based in Paris, Shanghai, Singapore) found themselves, like a lot of us, in quarantine. After a month of home office and living locked up at home: we share with you their feelings and how they deal with this situation !

Quarantine has caused some unpleasant surprises in our daily lives. At the top of the list is a poor diet. According to the IFOP, the weight gain on average for the majority of French people (57%) is about 2.5 kg. After the quarantine, the gyms will be fully packed!

Let’s see how our team is holding up:

What’s up guys ! Can you tell us 1 habit you took during quarantine?

Lulu (UI/UX Designer): Practicing my Arabic language. Since it is Ramadan, the month that most Muslims look forward to!

Josh (E-commerce Customer Experience): Cooking!

Camille (Lead Creative):  I guess maintaining a consistent  indoor workout routine for myself everyday was new to me as I was used to being part of a training group.

Ben (IT Director): Eating a proper breakfast every morning. It feels so good!!

And 1 bad habit that you took during quarantine?

Lulu: Lazing around my bed with my PJs on some days even when I am working and during weekends!

Josh: Drinking, haha kidding binge watching tv shows.

Camille: Chocolaaaaate, but they say it’s good for mental health hehe.

Ben: No more proper workout.

What does your day look like?

Lulu: My quarantine day is inconsistent. I only get up, clean my bed and shower & start working!

Josh: Not sure what day means haha.

Camille: Wake up at 7, 3 sun salutations to start the day, check my social networks, work, eat, workout and then chill until bedtime around midnight!

Ben: My daughter wakes up around 6:30, breakfast with family, let’s work/code : Lunch with family, let’s work/coding, dinner with family, let’s work/code, Let’s sleep.

What does your quarantine outfit look like?

Lulu: I am either in my PJs or in my workout outfit!

Josh: Sleeping clothes all day.

Camille: Like week-end style ahah, between office style and homewear.

Ben: Shorts and t-shirt.

How do you disconnect from work?

Lulu: I am currently learning to bake cakes.

Josh: Getting a workout at the gym.

Camille: I never really disconnect actually, there is always ideas and inspirations to catch, app reviews to give, updates from the different teams, etc.

Ben: “Disconnect”? I don’t know this word :-)

Thanks guys : Stay at home and be safe !

We don’t know what life will be like afterwards, but it seems like some habits will stay: home office? Cooking

What habits are you going to keep?

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