COVID19 (or more commonly known as Corona Virus) has been affecting the world for several weeks now. We wanted to share with you guys a guide on good personal hygiene validated by Bane!

This is Bane.

Bane is wearing a mask and has canceled all public gatherings.

Bane quarantined the city of Gotham in order to fight the bat and save the entire population.

Be More Like Bane.

On a serious note, if we want this situation to be back to normal: we’ll need the help of everybody! Here are some tips about personal hygiene you can do and share with your loved ones:

1. Wash your hands VERY regularly (Government told us to sing the “Happy Birthday” twice during the process … We choose « Hotline Bling » from Drake instead (same result but way more funky – find the lyrics at the end of this article)
2. Cough or sneeze in your elbow (hop, make a dab: it’s all about style)
3. Use single-use tissues (because it seems like some people are using reusable tissues… Yes, really)
4. Maintain a safety distance of at least 6 feet with another person (make it 10, we never know!)
5. And finally: Stay at home!

You’re good for the week ahead now.

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