We’re so proud of our newest smartwatch models LIFE2 and LIFE2+ for both winning prestigious iF Design Awards!

Known as the Oscars of design awards, the International Forum Design of Germany (iF) is in many ways the mother of all design competitions. With over 65 years of experience, the esteemed iF Design Award Competition is renowned for it’s attention to design excellence, product innovation and the promotion of good design globally. Judged by a 50+ jury of independent experts from around the world the competition receives over 5,000 submissions from more than 70 countries, making the iF selection process tough indeed!

Our smartwatches both won their iF Awards in the Product Design category! As an international symbol of design excellence, we’re ecstatic that both LIFE2 and LIFE2+ were honored with iF Design Awards. LIFE2 and LIFE2+ were chosen for their sleek, minimalist designs which incorporates high quality materials and innovative smart functions. High-tech sensors hidden behind LIFE2 and LIFE2+’s Ronda movement allow the smartwatches to constantly track user activity and sleep via Bluetooth 4.0.

With an array of useful smart functions including the addition of touch-screen music control, LIFE2 and LIFE2+ are smart accessories that keep users connected without compromising individual style. As second-generation smartwatches, our product designers paid special attention to enhancing aspects of the original hybrid watches that costumers fell in love with!

LIFE2 comes with mix-and-match silicone and thin leather band options to optimize personal style. Meanwhile, LIFE2+ has chic Milanese bands in two tones to heighten the watch’s sophisticated look. LIFE2 and LIFE2+ were created by our designers with the intention of bridging minimalist product concepts, functional fashion and innovative smart features. We’re very pleased that the iF Design Award Competition fully recognized the unique and modern design concepts of LIFE2 and LIFE2+!

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