Have you ever had an unexpected, pounding headache? Or found yourself drifting off despite getting enough sleep? You could be suffering from dehydration…and you wouldn’t be alone…

You are what you Drink

Nearly 75% of adults are dehydrated every day. Subtle clues such as tiredness, headaches, mood swings and fatigue are just some of the dehydration indicators most people ignore or simply misunderstand…

Many of us neglect our water intake to a shocking extent. In reality, water makes up 20% of our bones, 60% of our bodies, 75% of our muscles and 85% of our brains. In other words, we’re composed mostly of water. Hence even a 2% drop in our hydration level causes instantaneous physical tiredness and loss of concentration.

Are you Drinking enough Water?

An adult body requires 1.5-2 liters of water per day. But these days, who’s keeping track? When juggling work, school, fitness, family, and social life, too often the priority to properly hydrate falls by the wayside, gets forgotten and even the best of us (75% to be exact!) end our days dehydrated.

Drinking enough water seems like a simple solution. So, why aren’t we doing it? Over the years, most people have created poor hydration habits. We need revolutionary products, like LIZ Smart Bottles, that use technology to keep us hydrated and healthy, even when we forget. Intuitive technology ensures users drink 3-4 entire LIZ bottles (1.5-2 liters) every day.

Regularly hydrating is extremely rewarding. Proper hydration boosts concentration and cognitive function, promotes weight loss, improves sleep duration, naturally enhances moods, aids skin care and digestion, improves athletic performance and protects against diseases. So what are you waiting for?

Get Smarter Hydration Habits

Ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your busy day is LIZ’s top priority. Every 2 hours LIZ’s smart lid blinks to remind you to drink! Tap LIZ’s smart lid to check the temperature range of your beverage. LIZ’s LED light will indicate whether the beverage is hot, cold, or warm. Better yet, LIZ’s vacuum insulated stainless steel case keeps your favorite beverage hot and cold up to 12 to 24 hours respectfully. LIZ eliminates common dehydration excuses and pitfalls and replaces them with healthy hydration solutions.

Hydrate On-the-Go

Not only does hydration need to be smart to enable people to change their poor habits, it also must be readily available. That’s why LIZ’s design facilitates convenience!

Thanks to its anti-leak lid and long battery life, LIZ can accompany you on your daily routine, from the office to the gym, or even your next adventure. LIZ’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 6 months with one UV sterilization per day. With its light-weight design and Easy Go carabiner accessory, you can clip LIZ on to your bike or bag, and take your new hydration helper anywhere you go hassle-free!

Now there’s really no excuse,

change your hydration habits and get healthy with LIZ!

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