Developing healthy habits only gets you so far… In the digital age you need the right tools and technologies to create a clean lifestyle for you and your family. These days, you may not even know you’re putting your health at risk with what you use to hydrate…

Are your Hydration Habits Healthy?

Water is the safest drink on Earth, right? Actually, water systems and piping in urban areas have degraded over time, leaving tap water not as safe as you’d hope. A single glass of water contains over 10 million bacteria. Meanwhile, pollution continues to contaminate water sources around the world.

Many consumers turn to bottled water as their preferred hydration safe haven. But they’d be surprised to discover that 70% of popular store-bought bottled water brands contain more bacteria than tap water. Researchers estimate that 60% of germs found in bottled water can make people sick.

The Ugly Truth about your Old Bottle

It’s not only water you need to worry about. Have you ever tried drinking from a traditional or reusable water bottle only to be met with a stinky stench? That’s because traditional bottles are full of odor-causing bacteria and viruses. In fact, most traditional bottles contain most traditional bottles contain more germs than a dog toy! They’re difficult to clean with sponges and become smelly and dirty over time. Don’t drink germ-filled water just because your bottle is out-of-date!

Drink Clean with UV Sterilization

LIZ, on the other hand, uses self-cleaning smart technology to create a safe and healthy hydration experience. LIZ has a built-in UV sterilization system which kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria and harmful viruses in under 5 minutes! The Smart Bottle comes to life with its touch responsive lid. Simply tap the lid twice: if the bottle is empty, it will clean itself, if it contains water, it will sterilize it. UV sterilization is an extremely effective method for eliminating unwanted germs from your bottle and water by using a germicidal ultraviolet light.

How does Germicidal Ultraviolet Sterilization Work?

Installed on the inside of LIZ’s smart lid is a powerful UV-C light (manufactured by LG) that projects into the bottle and water to sterilize it, ridding LIZ of bacteria, viruses and mold. The UV-C light destroys these harmful and smelly agents by penetrating their cells and breaking down their DNA. Once the ultraviolet process is complete, their genetic make-up is deactivated and they can no longer reproduce, thus rendering them harmless to your health.

Ultraviolet technology is a safe and non-chemical approach to disinfection. The method is used in a number of industries such as sterilizing equipment in hospitals and pathology labs. UV-C is an ultraviolet light classified as being on the light spectrum from 100 nanometers (nm) to 280 nm.

Take your health into your own hands and drink clean water everyday with LIZ!

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